Expat jobs: support your employees from abroad

  • Secure your international recruitment efforts
  • Enable employees to perform better in their new job
  • Help employees and families with personal affairs
  • Offer practical support on location / outside office hours

How to help international employees thrive in their jobs?

Lessons learned about performance excellence in top sport, such as: get into the right rhythm a.s.a.p. and provide enough opportunities to rest & recover, can also be applied to international relocations:

  1. quickly build new routines
  2. eat & sleep well, and
  3. organise your personal affairs efficiently.

Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs also confirms the importance of these human needs. They prove that practical guidance and social support are no luxury, but vital elements for successful relocations and excellent job performance.

Amstel Expats understands the challenges faced by expats, their partners and families, when they arrive in the Amsterdam region. With our local knowledge and expertise, we help them handle Dutch formalities and common practices.

Our support packages aim to take care of uncertainties and stress during the transition period. We motivate employees to keep their spirits up and participate actively in their new environment. Both factors are essential for the successful completion of an international assignment.

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Fore more information, check our special HR-brochure “International Employees”.

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call us on: +31 (0)6 497 68 628.

Amstel Expats provides pratical support to complement international HR-activities. We strive to assist and support HR-professionals effectively and look forward to helping you.

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