The proof is in the pudding

It does not matter if you have lived in the Netherlands for a couple of months, a couple of years or maybe even 10+ years. It is never too late to learn Dutch or to get some local advice. Our mission is to help you!

Testimonials from Dutch language students

I have done many language lessons in numerous countries around the world and with no exaggeration Monique has been the best language teacher I have ever had. I have found myself learning Dutch with confidence and joy due to Monique’s superb organisational skills, deep understanding of the Dutch language and her ability to address the learner’s unique needs.

During the course I have been surrounded with a multitude of audio, texts, videos, visuals, in class activities and very digestible doses of grammar concepts. This put together with Monique’s great teaching skills, friendly approach and ability to reflect on her teaching, has provided an exceptional learning environment. I have always been looking forward to my lessons and would recommend Monique to a Dutch newbee as well as a more advanced Dutch learner. With Monique your Dutch will thrive! Hana (Czech Republic)

I really enjoyed Dutch class with you. You made me feel comfortable and let me know many Dutch things as well as the Dutch language. I also appreciate your passion and efforts to teach me. I will keep learning Dutch and try to apply what I learned in your class to my daily life as much as possible.” Terry (South Korea)

I took the Boost Your Dutch Class and it helped me in learning the basic principles of Dutch, which is essential for learning a language. Monique is a great teacher to connect with, I got individual attention and it was worth it. Christina (India)

The Boost Your Dutch course was excellent and a quick way to learn the basics of Dutch. Your native secrets were real eye-openers. I enjoyed your classes very much. Uffe (Sweden)

Monique is een enthousiaste lerares, altijd vrolijk, en zeer ervaren om het leren van talen leuk te maken. Ze legt alles heel duidelijk uit, en heeft enorm veel geduld om het vreemde accent van de internationale studenten te begrijpen 😉 Ik raad haar online lessen van harte aan! Mehrsima (Iran)

Client relocation experiences

Extremely happy with your professionalism. You really see the human side. Your service level is 10 out of 10 for sure. Marco (USA/Portugal)

Your holistic approach was inspiring. It is 100% reliable and makes the whole transition process so much easier. Elise (Belgium)

Your help was essential and greatly helped in our situation. We really appreciated your personal involvement.” Gena & Maryia (Ukraine)

Excellent job that enabled me to set up here quickly and smoothly. You think of all the small but important things. Arnaud (France)

Your professionalism yet very human touch was excellent. David & Loretta (New Zealand)

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