Learning Dutch as a second language?

  • But there never seems to be a good time to take a Dutch language course?
  • Have you been told or experienced that Dutch is an extremely difficult language to learn?
  • Do you feel insecure about your Dutch skills / are you struggling to use Dutch in real life?
  • Are you ready for an approach to master Dutch with native insights & accelerated learning?

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The Boost Your Dutch Programme

Boost Your Dutch is a complete language programme, which consists of five Dutch courses bringing you from beginner to intermediate level. It is specially developed to help internationals getting to grips with the Dutch language. We aim to provide the necessary understanding of important language elements, their interactions and context. For students, who already have some Dutch skills, there are multiple entry points.

Five principles of Boost Your Dutch:

  1. Teacher speaks Dutch as much as possible during class.
  2. Students learn new topics in a context, they fully understand.
  3. Tools are provided to increase exposure outside class.
  4. Interactive lessons encourage students to engage.
  5. Students speak Dutch immediately from their 1st lesson.

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Flexible Lessons

As a Dutch learner, it can be hard to join a regular course due to family obligations, work-related travel, etc.
Or maybe you are more advanced and you want to work on one or more specific Dutch skills: pronunciation, writing, etc. Consequently, it might be easier to learn Dutch more flexibly at your own level & pace.

If a more flexible approach is required, there are several options available for in-person and online tuition.

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Conversation Sessions

Finding the opportunity to speak Dutch locally can be challenging, especially since locals are likely to reply to your Dutch questions in English.

This is generally done to be helpful, but it can be quite frustrating, when you are trying to learn the language and you would like to use Dutch in practice.

Our conversation sessions are ideally suited to keep using and improving your Dutch speaking skills.

At each session, we try to speak Dutch as much as possible. During sessions there are lots of opportunities to ask questions, but you should already have a basic understanding of the Dutch language and its grammar.

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