Learning Dutch as a second language?

  • But there never seems to be a good time to take a Dutch language course?
  • Have you been told or experienced that Dutch is an extremely difficult language to learn?
  • Do you feel insecure about your Dutch skills / are you struggling to use Dutch in real life?
  • Are you ready for an approach to master Dutch with native insights & accelerated learning?

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Our Dutch language courses focus on using Dutch in practice. We combine the approved TPRS-method with the unique Boost Your Dutch approach for learning essential grammar. Join us & talk Dutch from lesson 1.

The Boost Your Dutch Programme

Enjoy learning Dutch in a positive & friendly atmosphere

The programme is specially developed to help internationals overcome the hurdles of getting to grips with the Dutch language.

Important principles of the Boost Your Dutch approach are:

  1. The teacher tries to speak Dutch as much as possible during class.
  2. Students learn new topics in a context, they recognize and find interesting.
  3. Tools are provided to increase exposure outside the classroom.
  4. Lessons are interactive, e.g. we have fun developing our own stories together.
  5. Students are encouraged to use Dutch actively themselves immediately from lesson 1.

The full programme consists of 5 courses bringing you from beginner all the way up to intermediate level. For students, who already have some Dutch language skills, there are multiple entry points into the programme.

Due to their interactive nature all Boost Your Dutch courses are normally given in-person. READ MORE…

Conversation Classes & Flexible Lessons

Work on specific Dutch language skills to reach your next level

If you already speak Dutch, there might be some areas, you do not feel comfortable with, or maybe you do not have much opportunity to use Dutch in practice. If so, conversation classes are ideally suited to keep improving you speaking skills. Private conversation classes are generally held online. The fee for an online conversation class (1 person, 8 lessons x 60 minutes) is €195. No VAT (Dutch Sales Tax) will be added.

If a more flexible approach is required, there are several options available, such as in-person and online tuition. If you choose this type of tuition, the course fee will be depending upon timing, location & number of participants. Also, some preparation time will be included to ensure your lessons meet your personal objectives.

In-company Dutch language courses for international employees

Increase the success of employee recruitment & international relocation schemes

Our in-company training programmes take advantage of the extensive skill set & life experiences of internationals.

Programmes are flexible and can be tailored to specific company needs and budget.

Dutch trainer, Monique den Haan, has lots of relocation experience, which ensures that lessons are both fun and informative.

We look forward to discussing the language training needs of your international employees in more detail.

Call Monique directly on: +31 (0)6 497 68 628 or send your e-mail to: monique@amstelexpats.nl