Supporting international employees

  • Enable employees to perform better in their new job
  • Help employees and families with their transition
  • Offer local advice on location / outside office hours
  • Secure international recruitment efforts of employers

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Moving abroad requires employees to rebuild their life, not only from a work perspective but also from a personal perspective. At Amstel Expats, we understand the challenges faced by international employees, their partners and families, when they arrive in the Amsterdam region. In our experience, it helps to have a local sparring partner, someone who knows how things work in the Netherlands.

Local Support for international employees

Our support already starts before international employees move over. We help them on their way by discussing their personal situation using SKYPE-calls. Based on their intake assessment a personal information pack is put together including contact details of recommended local service providers. We appreciate how important it is to find a new home, therefore we discuss and prioritise housing requirements and also explain the search process.

If employees are accompanied by a partner and/or family, they are likely to face some extra challenges and will be concerned about the settling-in of their family members. Especially when children are involved, getting things done in time is vital, as children from the age of 5 should attend their new school a.s.a.p.

Our employee coaching packages ensure that your staff have an experienced and trustworthy contact person to guide them during their transition process.

Learn Dutch for international employees

Speaking Dutch makes it easier for professional internationals to settle-in and understand the locals, thereby increasing the success of overseas employee recruitment and relocation schemes. Dutch language trainer, Monique den Haan, has lots of relocation experience, which ensures she appreciates expat requirements and challenges in the Netherlands. During lessons, participants are encouraged to actively engage and practice Dutch themselves.

Our goal is to ensure that Dutch lessons are practical, informative & fun. Participants are encouraged to actively engage and practice Dutch themselves. We make sure your employees are training all their Dutch language skills: listening, speaking, writing and reading.

We look forward to making a proposal taking into account your company’s specific requirements and budget.

For more information, call Monique: +31 (0)6 497 68 628 or e-mail: