Making life easy for internationals living in the Netherlands

Making life easy for internationals living in the Netherlands!

  • Dutch language courses to help you get to grips with the local language
  • Local advice to help you with your international relocation & settle-in queries
  • Flexible Dutch training programmes & relocation advice offered to employees
  • Secure recruitment efforts of employers & support their international employees

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Our Dutch beginner’s courses focus on using Dutch in practice. We combine the approved TPRS-method with the unique Boost Your Dutch approach for learning essential grammar. Join us & talk Dutch from Lesson 1.

Learn Dutch

“Learning Dutch is fun & using Dutch in practice enriches your local life.”

Since almost everybody speaks English, many internationals never get round to taking Dutch language lessons. At first, this might not seem important, but over time the inability to communicate in Dutch is likely to undermine your self-confidence and sense of belonging, as it makes it more difficult to maintain local relationships both privately as well as professionally, e.g. having an informal chat with your colleagues at the coffee machine.

Boost Your Dutch courses are specially developed to help internationals overcome the hurdles of getting to grips with the Dutch language. Our language programmes can be adjusted to meet personal needs and preferences.

Dutch courses are held at training facilities in Amstelveen but also at home/business premises. READ MORE…

Local Advice

“Relocating to another country is exciting & challenging, as there is much to organise.”

You will have to rebuilt your professional and personal life. Bringing over a partner and/or family might bring some concerns, as you are looking to ensure they settle easily into their new surroundings.

Upon arrival many relocation tasks need to be completed, incl. registration at local authorities, utilities and opening a bank account. You will also have to apply for local health insurance and -if children are involved- find a good school.

Amstel Expats Coaching Packages are specifically developed to help you with your local queries. READ MORE…

Employee Support

“Taking care of international employees is not a luxury but a necessity for excellent job performance.”

At Amstel Expats, we care for the wellbeing of international employees and understand their needs differ from local employees. Our support starts before an employee’s move by contacting them in the country of departure.

If international employees are accompanied by a partner and/or family, they are likely to face some extra challenges and will be concerned about the settling-in of their family members. We ensure your staff have an experienced and trustworthy contact person to guide them during their transition process. READ MORE…

“Having lived and worked in several countries, I experienced the trials and tribulations of the international relocation process myself.”

“Raising a bilingual family in my home country, I appreciate the importance of local communications in order to feel connected.”

 Monique den Haan, founder of Amstel Expats

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