Weekly Dutch Classes

Give yourself the opportunity to learn and improve your Dutch in an enjoyable setting.

The following weekly Dutch classes are available:

  1. Nederlands voor Beginners 1 + 2 (Dutch for Beginners 1) – level A1
  2. Private lessons: flexible Dutch language programmes

Starting on 17 September 2019: Dutch Beginner’s Course, 15 lessons, Tuesday evenings, 19.00-21.00.
Register with 
our language trainer, Monique den Haan, by sending your e-mail to: monique@amstelexpats.nl

For alternative dates, times and/or training courses, please contact us directly to discuss your needs.

Beginner’s course (Nederlands 1)

Duration: 15 classes of 2 hours each
Course fee: €475,00 p.p (as small group)

This course focuses on basic Dutch grammar and vocabulary.
Some examples of the topics discussed during the course are:

  • How to introduce yourself and tell the people you meet something about yourself
  • Describing yourself and family members by certain characteristics, such as height, age & relationship
  • Arranging to meet, including positive & negative responses to proposed meetings
  • Meeting up in a cafe/restaurant, ordering food & drinks and paying the bill
  • Visiting local places, e.g. grocery shopping or buying clothes, and having short conversations
  • Talking to colleagues, friends, neighbours, etc.

This training programme is suitable for internationals with no/basic experience in Dutch, such as Boost Your Dutch: 15 Essential Dutch Language Principles (short introduction course). The programme is aimed at people, who completed their secondary school education and are able to make some homework on a weekly basis.

Low intermediate course (Nederlands 2)

Duration: 15 classes of 2 hours each
Course fee: €475,00 p.p (as small group)

This course focuses on advancing Dutch language skills by presenting more complicated grammar & sentence structures. Some examples of the topics discussed during the course are:

  • Having informal conversations (chitchat)
  • Describing a route/understanding directions / asking for information
  • How to talk about work, study & hobbies and asking other people questions about their life
  • Understanding the rules for more complicated verbs, i.e. modal verbs, reflexive verbs & compound verbs
  • Using a variation of time structures, such as different types of present, past and future tense 
  • Making more complicated sentences, e.g. using conjunctions to link sentences together

This programme is suitable if you have already gained a basic level of Dutch (Nederlands 1), completed your secondary school education and you are able to make some homework exercises on a weekly basis.

Private lessons / flexible programmes

Duration: to be discussed
Course fee: to be agreed (depending upon timing, location & number of participants)

If you choose for private tuition, your Dutch lessons can be put together according to your personal needs and preferences.

Private lessons might be more suitable, if you:

  • Would like to receive Dutch tuition individually (or as a couple).
  • Prefer to learn Dutch more flexibly based on your own level & pace.
  • Find it difficult to join a weekly class, e.g. when you are frequently involved in work-related travel
  • Cannot complete your homework on a regular basis / are looking for more guidance making exercises  

No VAT (Dutch Sales Tax) will be added to the course fees, but please note that all the course materials are included in the course fees, i.e. no books required.

During all courses the following language skills will be trained: speaking, listening, reading and writing. Your Dutch trainer, Monique den Haan, has lots of relocation experience and local expertise, which ensures that lessons are both fun and informative. She also encourages interaction and discussion amongst participants.

We appreciate participants are professional internationals with valuable experiences and skill sets, therefore lessons are specifically designed for individuals/small groups in order to facilitate personal attention, interaction and speaking Dutch.

Start dates are scheduled throughout the year. Alternative dates are available on request. Please contact us with your preferences, to discuss particular courses and/or to obtain more information on how to register, etc.

Call Monique directly on: +31 (0)6 497 68 628 or send your e-mail to: monique@amstelexpats.nl

Not sure yet? Since, there are many different language training options available, the problem is not finding a Dutch course, but choosing the right one! We are happy to discuss the best Dutch Training Plan for you, taking into account your personal goals, experiences & fears with regard to learning Dutch during a free planning session.

Book your free personal planning session here!

Easy Dutch vocabulary of 350+ frequently used words will be provided to all new students, helping them to learn local Dutch words fast. This unique list is available only to our course participants.