Boost Your Dutch Grammar Course: 15 Essential Dutch Language Principles

Getting to grips with the Dutch language structure

The Boost Your Dutch grammar course provides a general overview of 15 essential elements of the Dutch language and how to use them in practice. This short course has been specifically developed to help internationals, who are still struggling to link together important elements of the Dutch language.

During this course, students build their own Boost Your Dutch NL-Framework, which helps them to understand how all these separate language elements fit/work together.

New grammar courses are expected to start again in October/November 2019. For specific dates/times, please contact us directly to discuss your needs.

Each short course consists of 2 three-hour sessions and includes a unique set of custom-made materials and exercises, there will not be any books required.

Topics include: different sentence structures, the use of inversion and variations in time (past, present and future tense). Also important language elements, such as: verbs, singular & plural nouns, different types of pronouns, articles, adjectives and prepositions are discussed.

Instruction will be given individually and/or in small groups  to encourage interaction and ensure a no-stress, friendly atmosphere. Course fee is €150,00 p.p. No VAT (BTW) to be added. Multiple start dates are scheduled throughout the year to enable you to participate a.s.a.p.

It is required that you are proficient in English, as this language is used as a support language to facilitate communication and explanation. For more information:

Call Monique directly on: +31 (0)6 497 68 628 or send your e-mail to:

Not sure yet? Since, there are many different language training options out there, the problem is not finding a Dutch course, but choosing the right one!

We are happy to discuss the best Dutch training plan for you, taking into account your personal goals & experiences during a free training advice session.

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Easy Dutch vocabulary of 350+ frequently used words will be provided to all new students, helping them to learn local Dutch words fast. This unique list is available only to Boost Your Dutch course participants.