Taking care of international residents, how to …

  • Improve the local wellbeing of internationals and their families?
  • Increase cooperation with existing international companies?
  • Attract new international businesses and organisations to your region?
  • Strengthen the competitive position of the Municipality in the “Expat Market”

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Many internationals expect the Netherlands to be easy to settle into, they are surprised to learn that it can be difficult and time-consuming to find your way locally.
Fortunately, Dutch Immigration Services (IND) and many local Municipalities have taken steps to improve their communication with and procedures for internationals residents
In the bigger cities, Expat Centers have opened their doors to welcome new internationals, but what are the results of all these efforts?

Find out by using the first professional measuring tool to determine local attractiveness for internationals:The Expat Wellbeing Indicator (EWI).

EWI produces valuable insights in the strengths and weaknesses of local services used by international residents.

The EWI-tool calculates the EWI-score based on the feedback of international respondents with regard to 5 determining factors:

1. International relocation experiences
2. Local facilities, schools & accommodation requirements
3. Social contacts & friends in the neighbourhood
4. Happiness of (working) expat, partner & family
5. Overall satisfaction + Net Promotor Score (NPS)

The final report also presents conclusions & recommendations to improve local competitiveness and attractiveness for new foreign businesses as well as individuals.

The Expat Wellbeing Indicator is an initiative of Amstel Expats & Goos Marketing Research

Please view a Dutch introduction to the Expat Wellbeing Indicator here: EWI FLYER NL


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