The Boost Your Dutch Programme

  • As a teacher, I try to to speak as much Dutch as possible to maximise your exposure to Dutch
  • New topics are presented in a context, which is completely comprehensible to you
  • Active use of Dutch is encouraged to help you learn key-sentences & new vocabulary fast
  • Train your skills by developing the Boost Your Dutch NL-Framework & making your own stories

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New Boost Your Dutch courses at different levels are started throughout the year. For specific dates/times, please contact us directly to discuss your personal needs, check available options and register yourself.

Give yourself the opportunity to learn and improve your Dutch in an enjoyable setting.

The Boost Your Dutch courses focus on using Dutch in practice. 

  1. Courses generally consist of 8 weekly sessions of 2 hours.
  2. Included is a unique set of custom-made materials and exercises.
  3. You will also have access to online vocabulary & exercise tools.
  4. Lessons are in-person: individually, in pairs or in small groups.
  5. We encourage interaction and ensure a friendly atmosphere.

All language skills (listening, reading, writing & speaking) are practiced in each course, but every course also focuses on a specific skill to give this skill a boost, e.g. in Nederlands 1 special focus is given to listening.

It is required that you are proficient in English, as the English language will be used as a support language.

Nederlands voor Beginners 1 (NL1)

Course content: basic grammar incl. the most important language elements.
Listening, reading, writing and speaking are all practiced with a special focus on listening.

– Talk to friends, neighbours and colleagues about your daily activities, hobbies and interests.
– Make requests, when you visit restaurants, shops and other local places.
– Make appointments at work, at school, for medical care (family doctor, dentist, etc.)
– Use different time structures, such as the present, past and future tense 

Nederlands 2 (NL2)

Course content: different types of Dutch word order & the use of different personal pronouns.
Listening, reading, writing and speaking are all practiced with a special focus on writing.

– Talk about family relations, people’s appearances, things in-and-around the house.
– Read and discuss Dutch texts about daily life and local experiences as an international.
– Write your own structured texts and add new elements to make your stories more lively.
– Practice the active use of subject, object, possessive and demonstrative pronouns.

Nederlands 3 (NL3)

Course content: conjugation of complex verbs and word order incl. (in)direct object.
Listening, reading, writing and speaking are all practiced with a special focus on speaking.

– Talk about public holidays, the weather, traffic, route directions, emergency services.
– Try to use different reactions and/or have a quick chat in various real-life situations.
– Conjugate lots of regular & irregular verbs using the comprehensive Verb Trainer.
– Practice the use of tenses (presens, imperfectum, present perfect) incl. exceptions

Nederlands 4 (NL4)

Course content: negation, comparatives, superlatives & different types of conjunctions.
Listening, reading, writing and speaking are all practiced with a special focus on reading.

– Talk about society, the environment, history, national elections, donor registration.
Read Dutch magazine articles and 2 Dutch books (A2/B1 level), incl. a book presentation. 
– Try to share opinions and/or give advice by writing and speaking about popular topics.
– Practice making longer, complex sentences, including conjunctions and subclauses.

Nederlands 5 (NL5)

Course content: grammar overview, exceptions, new topics: “er”, compound words, past perfect.
Listening, reading, writing and speaking are all practiced with a special focus on integration.

– Talk about professions, work environment, applying for a job, careers, appraisals and sabbaticals.
– Listen to some of the columns from the Dutch book: “Hartelijke Groenten”, written by Vinnie Ko.
– Read texts about different professions (B1 level) and another Dutch book, incl. a book presentation.
– Try to apply all the grammar rules together, when actively using Dutch, i.e. speaking and writing.

This course consists of 10 lessons, due to the number of topics and the size of the training materials.

Course fees for private clients

– NL1 to NL4 (8 lessons) course fees: 1 participant €395 p.p.; 2+ people €325 p.p.
– NL5 (10 lessons) course fees: 1 participant €495 p.p.; 2+ people €405 p.p. 
– Course materials are included.
– No VAT (Dutch Sales Tax) will be added.

Please contact us to discuss particular courses and/or to obtain more information on how to register, etc.

Any questions? Call Monique: +31 (0)6 497 68 628, or e-mail: