Relocation / international move: how to keep your spirits up?

  • Looking for local support & guidance as an expat, expat-partner and/or expat-family?
  • Still adjusting yourself to your new surroundings / trying to get to grips with Dutch life?
  • Need help exploring leisure activities & build your new local and/or expat network?
  • Having questions regarding do’s & don’ts in a Dutch work environment?

Living abroad can be an exciting adventure but at the same time challenging, as you will have to understand cultural differences and build new relationships. My advice is to prepare well beforehand and understand the steps to be taken along the way. Our personal support will help you deal with your queries and concerns much more effectively than any other source of information.

Our relocation support packages include flexible contact options, so we can provide you with the right information at the right time. By taking into account your specific circumstances, we help you to better understand the information available to you and to deal effectively with the challenges and concerns you might have. Just select the package of your interest for more information on these services.

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Our support already starts before you move over! We look forward to helping you on your way by discussing your personal situation during a SKYPE-call and/or a local meet-up, e.g. when you are visiting the Netherlands as part of your orientation.

Based on a detailed client intake, we will provide you with a personal relocation assessment, which includes:

  1. Personalised relocation checklist
  2. Relocation advice (e.g. immigration procedures, municipality registration, BSN, housing, insurances)
  3. Local information materials
  4. Contact details of recommended local service providers

Personal e-mail & phone support is also available to help you with further questions arising during your relocation process.

Not here just by yourself? The critical success factor is a well-settled partner & children.

Bringing over a partner and/or family might cause extra concerns, as you are looking to ensure they settle easily into their new surroundings. Fortunately, the Amsterdam region hosts good schools, lots of sports facilities and it is easy to get around, especially if you dare to cycle!

Being the accompanying partner, you might not to have a job (yet). When the initial excitement about your move calms down, a feeling of isolation might occur. To avoid this classic relocation-dip, it is important to build a new social network and start investigating your own opportunities for work and/or other activities. Amstel Expats understands the adjustment process you are likely to go through. We help you reach your own personal objectives.

As a working expat, you will meet new colleagues, who are often quite happy to help you with your general questions, but what about more confidential issues you have to deal with? Our support packages are developed to improve your local knowledge, understand the Dutch work environment and enhance your own insights and skills. In addition, you might also wish to improve your (business) English, learn Dutch and/or engage in other (social) activities, we look forward to pass on our recommendations to you.

Amstel Expats provides a listening ear and local support to all family members involved, so that every expat, accompanying partner and child keeps his/her spirits up and enjoys life in the Netherlands. Amstel Expats understands the importance of having a local sparring partner. Someone who knows how things work in the Netherlands. Our approach is not to take over organising your life, but we explain what to expect, give local advice and hands-on assistance.

Still abroad and struggling with lots of questions? We help to get you started.

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International Preparation Support Package

• Amstel Expats “preparation support guide” to view its contents click here now
• 1-hour Skype session (personal review and help with your specific questions)

Package price: €99,00. All prices exclude 21% BTW (Dutch sales tax).
Please contact us for pricing of our comprehensive support packages.

Contact us directly to discuss your personal needs!


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