In-person Dutch courses starting again in Amstelveen from September 2021 onwards

Due to the COVID-19 measures, our language courses and conversation lessons have been mainly online.

Hence, we are delighted to be able to teach in-person again!
– What: Boost Your Dutch Courses – Nederlands 1 to 4
– When: from September 2021 onwards
– Location: our training premises in Amstelveen

Also, our conversation lessons are available in-person, as well as online.

Please contact us to start your new language course a.s.a.p. call/Whatsapp Monique: +31 (0)6 497 68 628, or send your e-mail to:

Boost Your Dutch Workshop: DUTCH WORD ORDER on Saturday, 13 April 2019 in Amstelveen

Are you trying to learn Dutch but (still) struggling with Dutch word order?
Join us on the 13th of April to improve your Dutch language skills.

– From 10.00 to 12.30 in Amstelveen
– Workshop fee is €47,50 p.p. incl. materials
– Level: basic Dutch skills and up

Contact Monique for more information: +31 (0)6 497 68 628, or
Register now by sending your e-mail to:

Free Dutch trial-lesson for international children on Sat, 2 March 2019 at Edu2start in Amstelveen

Edu2start specialises in Dutch language courses for primary school children. For younger children activities include: music, games, speaking, arts and crafts. Older children (6+) focus more on learning to speak, read and write in Dutch, using a wide range of materials, such as: books, worksheets, games, etc.

– When: Saturday 2 March 2019, 09.30-11.30 (door open from 09.00)
– Location: Amstelzijde 83, 1184TZ Amstelveen
– Costs: free trial-lesson

For more information on Edu2start, you can use this direct link: Edu2start

Starting on the 5th of March 2019: Weekly Dutch Beginner’s Course in Amstelveen

New weekly beginner’s course (Nederlands 1)

Duration: 15 lessons of 2 hours each
Course fee: €475,00 p.p (small group, max 4 participants)

This course focuses on basic Dutch grammar and vocabulary.
Some examples of the topics discussed during the course are:

  1. How to introduce yourself and tell the people you meet something about yourself
  2. Describing yourself and family members by certain characteristics, such as height, age & relationship
  3. Arranging to meet, including positive & negative responses to proposed meetings
  4. Meeting up in a cafe/restaurant, ordering food & drinks and paying the bill
  5. Visiting local places, e.g. grocery shopping or buying clothes, and having short conversations
  6. Talking to colleagues, friends, neighbours, etc.

The programme is suitable for internationals with no/some basic experience in Dutch, such as Boost Your Dutch: 15 Essential Dutch Language Principles (short introduction course).

Course details: start 5 March 2019; every Tuesday evening; 19.00-21.00; duration 15 lessons; Amstelveen
Register yourself now by e-mail to our language trainer, Monique den Haan:

2019 Dutch salary conditions for highly skilled migrants (kennismigranten) 

In general, EU citizens and nationals from Iceland, Liechtenstein & Norway (EEA) are allowed to reside and work freely in the Netherlands. If you do not own a passport from one of these countries, you will need to go through Dutch immigration procedures. To facilitate the arrival of internationals with special skills, the highly skilled migrant scheme (kennismigrantenregeling) has been implemented.

Under this scheme, it is relatively easy to live-and-work legally in the Netherlands.
To qualify as a highly skilled migrant, internationals must:

  1. be employed by an employer and present an employment contract to prove this, and
  2. earn a monthly gross salary of at least €4.500 or €3.299, if under 30 years of age. Be aware that these amounts are exclusive of 8% holiday pay. Including holiday pay, the amounts should be €4.860 and €3.563.

Getting into the Christmas spirit at the Christmas Parade on the 22nd of December 2018

This year, Amstelveen was hosting the annual Christmas Parade and it was certainly a beautiful spectacle.

Along the two kilometer route through the centre of Amstelveen, thousands of people gathered to watch: Christmas characters, “living” toys, a beautifully decorated train and -of course- Santa’s sledge pulled along by his reindeer.

The numerous carnival floats with all their lights looked amazing in the dark.

This parade is organised in a different Dutch city/town every year and -if you have not seen it this time- I would definitely recommend to go and see it next year.

I am not a tourist expat fair on the 7th of October 2018 in Amsterdam

This autumn, the biggest event for internationals living, working, studying or setting up a business in the Netherlands is organised again by Expatica:
“i am not a tourist Expat Fair”.

– Date/time: Sunday 7 October 2018, 10.00-17.00
– Location: Beurs van Berlage, Damrak 243, 1012 ZJ Amsterdam
– Entrance: free (with internet tickets)

To register for free tickets, you can use this direct link: free-tickets

New Dutch language beginner’s courses starting on the 12th and the 14th of June 2018

Very much enjoyed giving this Boost Your Dutch short course!
New Dutch beginner’s courses (15 lessons in total) to start in Amstelveen:
– Tuesday, the 12th of June from 10.00-12.00
– Thursday, the 14th of June from 19.00-21.00

These beginner’s courses focus on basic Dutch grammar and vocabulary.
Both courses finish at the end of October and include a summer break in the month of August. Course fee: €475,00 p.p.
More dates are available on request, let us know your preferences READ MORE…

Free E-BOOK: Boost your Dutch, The Approach, Examples & Exercises

Boost Your Dutch is an innovative method, which has been specifically developed to help internationals overcome the hurdles of getting to grips with the Dutch language.

To explain the approach further, we are proud to present our new E-BOOK, which details the 5 principles of Boost Your Dutch:

  1. Remain close to English language skills to accelerate learning
  2. Helicopter view, including: context, positioning & interaction
  3. International mind set & expressions, that internationals are likely to use
  4. Native knowledge + essential Dutch grammar to enhance understanding
  5. Incorporate the results of detailed topics into the bigger picture.

You are invited to put their meaning into action by completing several exercises to experience the advantages of this special approach yourself!

The book, published on the 19th of March 2018, is now ready for you to DOWNLOAD…

Local coffee mornings to practice your Dutch, every week from Wednesday the 7th of March 2018

The biggest challenge for all internationals learning Dutch is finding the opportunity to practice. Almost everywhere you go, the Dutch “helpfully” answer your carefully crafted Dutch questions in their best English. Even though, this is done with good intentions, it can be quite frustrating. When will you ever be able to speak with Dutch locals in their own language?

From the 7th of March, you have the opportunity to visit a real Dutch home, have a nice coffee and at the same time improve your Dutch.

Join us: “Kom je Nederlands oefenen!” Every Wednesday morning READ MORE…

Bibliotheek Amstelland, the public library of Amstelveen

Did you know that the public library in Amstelveen offers an extensive collection of books written in other languages than Dutch? They have a considerable collection in English and some examples of other languages available are: German, French, Hebrew and Japanese.

Apart from a large number of magazines, there is also a music collection (cds/sheet music) and a selection of films and computer games available.

The main library is located at Amstelveen Centre (Stadshart). Address: Stadsplein 102, 1181ZM Amstelveen.

Opening times: Monday 11:00 – 19:00; Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday 10:00 – 19:00; Friday, Saturday 10:00 – 18:00; Sunday 13:00 – 18:00.

Tupker Taaltraining deploys language experience of Amstel Expats

Amstel Expats appreciates the difficulties encountered by internationals, when they start learning Dutch. Therefore Monique den Haan was delighted to be invited to teach a new beginner’s course at Tupker Taaltraining, a local company that specialises in Dutch language courses.

Utilizing local support expertise as a Dutch language trainer proved to be very effective. Understanding the communication pitfalls, frequently experienced by internationals and discussing them in class, ensured that lessons were: interactive, educational & enjoyable.

Monique: “As daunting as it may seem at first, learning Dutch can actually be fun and using Dutch in practice is likely to enrich your local life.”

Harry Potter: the Exhibition visits Utrecht from the 11th of February to the 30th of June 2017

If you enjoyed the Harry Potter books and films, now is your chance to step inside this famous wizard’s magical world by visiting the global Harry Potter exhibition in Utrecht, the Netherlands.

In this amazing exhibition, guests will get an up close and personal look at the artistry and craftsmanship that went into creating the iconic props and costumes that appeared throughout the Harry Potter films.

Authentic artifacts will be displayed in elaborate settings inspired by locations from Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. For more information and to buy tickets, go to:

They raise the world’s happiest children – so is it time you went Dutch?

According to Rina Acosta and Michele Hutchison, two expat mums living in the Netherlands, Dutch children enjoy freedoms denied to children in the countries they come from.

10 things that set Dutch children apart from those in the UK and the US:

-Dutch babies get more sleep.
-Dutch kids have little or no homework at primary school.
-Are not just seen but also heard.
-Are trusted to ride their bikes to school on their own.
-Are allowed to play outside unsupervised.
-Have regular family meals.
-Get to spend more time with their mothers and fathers.
-Enjoy simple pleasures and are happy with second-hand toys.
-And last but not least, get to eat chocolate sprinkles (hagelslag) for breakfast.

Their observations are likely to strike a cord with many international parents, who are raising a family in the Netherlands. Click here to download the full text of their article.

Wiebke’s Weinachten, the first Christmas shop in Amstelveen

This festive season (2016), Wiebke’s Weinachten, opened its doors in the main shopping centre of Amstelveen. If you are still looking for some Christmas presents and decorations, Wiebke’s Weinachten is the perfect place to go.

The shop offers lovely gifts, ornaments and delicatessen from around the world, but especially from Scandanavia and Germany. You will also find popular English books for adults and children. Wiebke’s Weinachten is located at Binnenhof 21, 1181ZA Amstelveen.

For gift collection and more information (Dutch only) go to:

Amsteltuin: enjoy the summer by dining in the vineyard in Amstelveen

A real vineyard opened in Amstelveen in 2006. This summer you can not only visit the vineyard, but also enjoy an exclusive dinner.

Friday, the 19th of August 2016 – Tapas & Paella

Friday, the 16th of September 2016 – Mediterranean Evening

For more information on the vineyard, its location and to make your dinner reservation, go to:

Personal recommendation: the Japanese cherry blossoms are in full bloom in Amstelveen

Spring seems to have finally arrived. Last Sunday (3rd of April) everybody seemed to be out-and-about enjoying the good weather. We visited the Japanese Cherry Blossom Park in Amstelveen, it was both busy and beautiful.

Do not wait to long, if you want to see these blossoms bloom. Please note that on the 9th of April the annual Cherry Blossom Festival will be held, therefore public visitors are welcome only after 15.00. Location: 1182DB Amstelveen.

Amsterdam Light Festival, 28 November 2015 – 17 January 2016

Amsterdam lights up again during the 4th edition of the Amsterdam Light Festival. This year’s theme is Friendhip. Discover artworks made by (inter)national artists around the historical town. You can experience the winter light festival through various exhibitions, events, boat tours (Watercolors) and walking routes (Illuminade). More information, including the full programme on:

Healthy Festive Food Cookery Workshop, 1 November 2015, Amsterdam

Food is at the heart of our celebrations, whether it is Thanksgiving, Christmas or Hanukkah. Can food be healthy and festive? The answer is yes! Participants will cook recipes devised in consultation with nutritionist Kyrin Hall ( and prepare a five-course celebration meal under the guidance of Chef Ivo Schellen, who is passionate about educating people about the impact of nutrition on health and well-being.

Date:     Sunday, 1 November 2015
Time:    12:00 to 17:00 (please note 5-hour duration)

Open to anyone, who wants to learn more about the link between cancer prevention and nutrition. Especially welcome is anyone, whose life has been touched by cancer. This event is presented by ACCESS Cancerlink, which is a nonprofit organisation.

Halloween: experience your fear by visiting a theme park between 16 & 31 October 2015

Celebrating Halloween is becoming more and more popular in the Netherlands. Dutch theme parks have also discovered this event. If you dare to be scared by creepy monsters, witches and haunted houses, check out these parks:

Van Gogh Museum: festive opening of the new main entrance, 5 & 6 September 2015

The opening of the new entrance of the Van Gogh Museum is celebrated on 5 and 6 September with 125,000 sunflowers on Museumplein. This beautiful sunflower labyrinth is open to visitors free of charge.

Vincent van Gogh (1853–1890) is one of the Netherlands’ most famous artists. He also lived and worked in France for a long time. This summer it is exactly 125 years since his death and throughout the year, various European cultural institutions are organising exhibitions and events linked by the theme of ‘125 Years of Inspiration’.

Van Gogh Museum, Paulus Potterstraat 7, 1071 CX Amsterdam, Phone: (0)20 570 5200

For more information and online ticket sales, go to:

Tulips: enjoy a tour around North-Holland to see these beautiful flowers in full bloom

Most people are familiar with the Keukenhof, the world’s largest flower exposition, but the North of Holland hosts more flower gardens, such as the Hortus Bolborum, located in Limmen, which is approx. 30 minute’s drive from Amsterdam.

At the Hortus Bolborum, they specialise in historical bulbs, enabling you to see some old varieties, that are not commercially grown anymore. The garden can be viewed from 6 April – 16 May 2015. Address: Zuidkerkenlaan 23a, 1906AC Limmen.

Winter market at the British School of Amsterdam, Sun 23 November 2014

From 12:00 – 16:00 you are invited to visit the annual winter market at the British School. Lots of fun for the kids, arts & crafts and international food market. Everyone is welcome, you do not need to have children at the school to join in with the festivities. More information is also available on:

Location: British School of Amsterdam, Fred. Roeskestraat 94a, 1076 ED Amsterdam.
Admission fee: €2,00 for adults & kids for free.

Dutch courses starting again in September

Dutch Course
September is the best month to start new classes in the Netherlands, so why not start a Dutch course to improve your Dutch language skills and make it easier to have a local conversation? TopTaal provides Dutch courses specifically for expats. In co-operation with Bridging the Gap Foundation, they are starting new groups now. For more information contact TopTaal by phone: 020-7163690 or e-mail:

Mindfulness for Kids: free introduction, Amstelveen, 3 September 2014

logo The Expat Kids Club

Kate Berger, founder of the Expat Kids Club and certified instructor of mindfulness courses presents the benefits of mindfulness for children and youngsters during an information session held on the 3rd of September from 9:30 – 10:30.Location: MOC Lindenlaan 75, Room #309, 1185LC Amstelveen. Later this Autumn, a Mindfulness Program especially for teens (12-15 years old) is starting from the beginning of October running for 8 weeks

To register, please contact Kate via phone: 06 – 148 32 702 or e-mail: More information is also available on:

New medical helpdesk for Indian expats open this summer

Indian expats seeking medical advice are invited to contact the new digital medical service desk at Amstelland Hospital. Being in a country, where you are not yet acquainted with local healthcare options and practices, makes it hard to find your way around. The India desk aims to guide expats with health concerns to the appropriate channels and specialists.

The helpdesk is located at Amstelland Hospital in Amstelveen.

For more information, please contact the India Desk’s service staff at or visit the website:

Japan Festival, 14 and 15 June 2014 in Amstelveen.

Japan festival 2014

Visit the centre of Amstelveen and enjoy a host of Japanese culinary and cultural activities, including:

  1. Orchestra and musical performances, e.g. Taikodrums
  2. Shows: Japanese dancing, martial arts and traditional kimono fashion
  3. Workshops such as: Japanese tea ceremony, calligraphy, Manga, origami, etc.
  4. Exhibition of beautiful Bonsai trees and masterclass of the Japanese Bonsai master, TiagaUrushibata

The festival can be visited for free. More information and full programme on:

World Championship Team Tennis 2014 in Amstelveen. Register now!


On Saturday, the 7th and Sunday, the 8th of June 2014, the World Championship Team Tennis is organised at Sportpark “De Kegel” in Amstelveen.

Already the following teams have registered: France, U.K., Thailand, China, Suriname and United Nations. For more information on this tournament and/or to register your team, visit the website:

King’s Day celebrations, Amstelveen, 26 April 2014

logo koningsdag 2014

The Dutch Royal family will visit the centre of Amstelveen to join in the festivities organised by local sports, dance and hobby clubs. Music bands will be playing to enhance the festive atmosphere. Celebrations start around 11.00.

You can also find more information on the day’s programme, street markets and recommended travel options via: In order to open the English information page directly, use this link: King’s Day information.

Keukenhof in Lisse is open for visitors from 20 March to 18 May 2014


You know that Spring time has arrived when the Keukenhof opens its doors. The world’s largest flower gardens can be visited in Lisse. Experience the beautiful colours, floral mosaics and get inspiration for your own garden, visiting the theme gardens, that reflect a special trend, such as cookery, family or recycling.

This year’s main theme is Holland, therefore the Amsterdam canals with their special atmosphere have been re-created in the Oranje Nassau Pavilion. To plan your visit and view more information on the park, check:

Diwali India Festival, Amstelveen, 26 October 2013


The city square (Stadsplein) of Amstelveen will be transformed into a colourful Indian festival, where visitors can learn more about Indian customs, henna tattoos and making India related arts and crafts. You will also be able to purchase beautiful Indian shawls, jewellery, Indian sweets, etc.

Furthermore, Indian restaurants from the Amsterdam region will be serving delicious food, whilst you can enjoy various musical and dance-performances. As the event takes place in a huge tent, the festival is weather-proof!

Personal recommendation: China Light Rotterdam


The Chinese light festival can be visited in the ‘Park at the Euromast’ in Rotterdam until the 14th of February 2013. Over 40 Chinese artists have built a fairytale paradise complete with laser shows and music & dance performances. Experience the magic world of China with more than 35 light objects of flowers, animals, the temple of heaven and an amazing dragon.

It is a fun event to visit with your family. We thoroughly enjoyed it even with the rain!

Soaring tempartures? Go to one of the city beaches in Amsterdam to enjoy the good weather

During the summer, the city can be hot and stuffy. By car you can easily drive to the sandy beaches of the North Sea in about 30-40 minutes. Some examples are: Scheveningen, Zandvoort and Wijk aan Zee.

However, you do not need to leave Amsterdam to visit the beach. Around town there are several urban beaches offering sand, food & drinks without leaving town.

Strand West, a city beach located near the Houthavens (wood docks) in the Westerpark district.  Address: Stavangerweg 900, 1013 AX Amsterdam. Bijburg aan Zee, a sandy beach located in the New IJburg district. Address: Muiderlaan 1001, 1087 VA Amsterdam.

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