Local coffee mornings to practice your Dutch language skills in Amstelveen

Join us in an informal setting: “Kom je Nederlands oefenen!”
Take the opportunity to visit a real Dutch home, have a nice coffee & improve your Dutch speaking skills.

The biggest challenge for all internationals learning Dutch is finding the opportunity to practice. Almost everywhere you go, the Dutch “helpfully” answer your carefully crafted Dutch questions using their best English! Even though, this is done with good intentions, it can be quite frustrating and make you wonder if you are ever going to reach the stage, whereby you are able to speak with Dutch locals in their own language.

“Please do not give up yet, I am delighted to invite you to visit our Dutch home in Amstelveen to chat to other participants, using Dutch as our conversation language. The aim of these local coffee mornings is to focus on speaking & having fun using Dutch.”

The meetings are set up as follows:

  • Welcome with freshly made coffee & tea
  • Greetings in Dutch and some time for informal conversation
  • Discussing a particular topic/theme/event together as a group
  • In line with the discussion, further explain some rules, exceptions & native insights
  • Closing round, incl. questions & tips for more practice during the week (no home work)
  • Saying our goodbyes in Dutch & hopefully “tot ziens!”

While these coffee morning meetings are structured, the setting is informal and there is no need to speak “perfect” Dutch. Just remember that everyone is there to learn and enjoy meeting other people.

You can join the group any time you like. You are kindly requested to sign up for the meetings, so we know how many people to expect. The cost of participating is €8,50 each time, including “koffie, thee & koekjes”. Alternatively you can choose to go 5x for €40,00. No VAT (Dutch Sales Tax) will be added. There is also no need to buy any (course) materials, nor will there be any homework required.

It is advised that you have some understanding of Dutch to ensure you will be able to partake in the conversations that are taking place.

For more information on these local coffee mornings and/or to sign-up for (one of) them:

Call Monique directly on: +31 (0)6 497 68 628 or send your e-mail to: monique@amstelexpats.nl

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Not sure yet? Since, there are many different language training options available, the problem is not finding a Dutch course, but choosing the one best for you! We are happy to discuss which language strategy would be right for you taking into account your personal goals, experiences & fears with regard to learning Dutch during a free language strategy session.

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