Local Amsterdam information: where to go / who to contact?

  • Looking for a reliable housing agent and other local service providers around Amsterdam?
  • Struggling with completing Dutch (application) forms or understanding information letters?
  • Not sure about legal obligations regarding insurance, municipality registration, school attendance?
  • Difficulty dealing with certain personal and/or family issues? Need local expertise to resolve them?

When arriving or living in another country, it takes time and effort to obtain local knowledge and understand common practices and obligations. Our local advice sessions are ideally suited for dealing with specific issues or queries. For example, living in the Netherlands, requires you to have valid health insurance, but how to find a reputable health insurance company and how to register with a GP or dentist?

Amstel Expats identifies suitable medical care in your local area. We also provide information on reliable local service providers, such as housing agents, utility companies, (language) schools, baby sitting services and more. Especially when children are involved, getting it right on time is vital, e.g. children from the age of 5 are legally obliged to go to school and should attend their new school (international or local) a.s.a.p.

Since most Dutch people speak English, many expats expect the Netherlands to be easy to settle into. They are surprised to learn that it can be difficult and time-consuming to find the right information.

If assistance in Dutch is required, you can make an appointment to:

  • assist you with the completion of Dutch forms for lost/stolen IND residency cards, parking permits, public transport cards, etcetera
  • explain Dutch correspondence, e.g. bank statements, immigration letters, health info or any other personal letters you may have received
  • register yourself with Dutch organisations through the internet, such as Waternet and Connect Car
  • research options for you (and your family) to engage in your favourite sports and leisure activities.

Face-to-face contact will help you deal with your query/issue much more effectively than any other source of information. Our advice sessions contain a mixture of local information and practical help. They also include providing you with recommended local service providers and third party information. Amstel Expats personal consultations on location are already available from €85,00 excluding 21% BTW (Dutch sales tax).

When you have more questions and/or things to organise Amstel Expats Meet-up Package might be even more effective. This service combines a local advice session with a personal relocation assessment and online support.

Contact us directly to discuss your personal needs!

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