New to the Netherlands and …

  • Not sure about legal obligations & reliable service providers?
  • Struggling to find your way & understand Dutch (application) forms?
  • Looking for help to settle in your family & enjoy local life?
  • Experiencing difficulties with do’s & don’ts in your new (work) environment?

Call Monique directly on: +31 (0)6 497 68 628 or e-mail to:

As Relocation Coach, I help internationals understand the workings of different Dutch systems and procedures: how to register at the Municipality, find a new home or school, apply for local health insurance, open a Dutch bank account, etc. My aim is not to take over your life, but to help you get organised and settle-in quickly, so you will enjoy your life in the Netherlands.

Having lived abroad myself, I know that an international relocation is an exciting adventure, but at the same time challenging, as it takes time and effort to obtain local knowledge and understand common practices and obligations. Fortunately, you do not need to figure it out all by yourself: Make a head start and let me guide you with my local expertise and experience.

Amstel Expats Coaching Packages are ideally suited to help you with your concerns and local queries.

Online Coaching Package

 Client intake & personal assessment
 1 Consultation (SKYPE or phone conversation)
 1 hour online support & advice

Meet-up Coaching Package

 Client intake & personal assessment
 1 Personal advice session on location
 1 hour online support & advice

Coaching Plus Package

 Client intake & personal assessment
 1 Consultation (SKYPE or phone conversation)
 1 Personal advice session on location
 1 hour online support & advice

Online support & advice can be used for: specific problem solving, local research, recommending 3rd parties, reviewing Dutch emails/documentation, etc.

Coaching packages start from €250,00 (total price including 21% Dutch sales tax/VAT: €303,00).
For more price information of coaching packages: VIEW MORE…

Still abroad and struggling with lots of questions?

Our guidance already starts before you move over! We look forward to helping you on your way by discussing your personal situation, as part of our International Preparation Package to ensure a flying start.

International Preparation Package

 Initial assessment based on the completed client form
 Skype advice session (45 minutes) to discuss your personal query
 Follow-up e-mail with more local information & links to help with your preparations

Package price: €99,00 (total price including 21% Dutch sales tax/VAT: €120,00).

Not here just by yourself? The critical success factor is a well-settled partner & children.

Bringing over a partner and/or family might cause extra concerns, as you are looking to ensure they settle easily into their new surroundings. Especially when children are involved, getting things done in time is vital, e.g. children from the age of 5 are legally obliged to go to school and should attend their new school a.s.a.p. Fortunately, the Amsterdam region hosts good schools and lots of sports/leisure facilities.

Being the accompanying partner, you might not to have a job (yet). When the initial excitement about your move calms down, a feeling of isolation might occur. To avoid this classic relocation dip, it is important to build a new social network and look into your own opportunities for work/other activities. At Amstel Expats, we understand the adjustment process you are likely to go through and support you reaching your personal goals.

As a working expat, you will meet new colleagues, who are often quite happy to help you with general questions, but what about the more confidential issues you have to deal with? Our coaching packages ensure you have an experienced and trustworthy contact person to advice you in such matters.

Amstel Expats provides a listening ear and local support to all family members involved, so that everyone keeps his/her spirits up and enjoys life in the Netherlands.

Call Monique directly on: +31 (0)6 497 68 628 or send your e-mail to: