Learning Dutch as a second language?

  • But there never seems to be a good time to take a Dutch language course?
  • Have you been told or experienced that Dutch is an extremely difficult language to learn?
  • Do you feel insecure about your Dutch skills / are you struggling to use Dutch in real life?
  • Are you ready for an approach to master Dutch with native insights & accelerated learning?

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Boost Your Dutch (Short Courses)

FREE E-BOOK AVAILABLE! Boost Your Dutch, The Approach: Principles, Examples & Exercises. DOWNLOAD…

Learning Dutch is fun & using Dutch in practice enriches your local life.

Boost Your Dutch is an innovative method, which has been specifically developed to help internationals overcome the hurdles of getting to grips with the Dutch language. This new approach takes advantage of the extensive skill set & life experiences of internationals.

Boost Your Dutch Training: 15 Essential Dutch Language Principles

This language training programme explains common basic principles of the Dutch language and shows you how these basic elements fit together (the bigger picture) in order to provide you with meaningful insights. READ MORE…

From the 7th of March 2018: Local coffee mornings to practice your Dutch language skills

Every Wednesday morning from 10.00 to 11.30. Join us: “Kom je Nederlands oefenen!”  

The biggest challenge for all internationals learning Dutch is finding the opportunity to practice. Almost everywhere you go, the Dutch “helpfully” answer your carefully crafted Dutch questions in their best English. Even though, this is done with good intentions, it can be quite frustrating. When will you ever be able to speak with Dutch locals in their own language?

From the 7th of March, you have the opportunity to visit a real Dutch home, have a nice coffee and at the same time improve your Dutch. READ MORE…

Weekly Dutch Classes

Quickly mastering basic principles enables you to choose what suits best to progress your Dutch skill set.

The following Dutch language courses are highly recommended and available at Amstel Expats:

  1. Beginner’s course (Nederlands 1)
  2. Intermediate course (Nederlands 2)
  3. Private lessons: flexible Dutch language programmes

During all courses the following language skills will be trained: speaking, listening, reading and writing. We appreciate that participants are well-educated, professional internationals with valuable experiences and skill sets, therefore these Dutch language lessons are specially designed for small groups to facilitate personal attention, group interaction and speaking Dutch. READ MORE…

The Dutch language training facilities are in Amstelveen, but other locations, e.g. the premises of businesses, organisations or (expat) clubs, are also possible.

Don’t hesitate any longer! Give yourself the opportunity to learn & improve your Dutch language skills in an enjoyable setting. For more information on a particular course: specific content, course dates, registration, etc.

Call Monique directly on: +31 (0)6 497 68 628 or send your e-mail to: monique@amstelexpats.nl

Not sure yet? We are happy to discuss the best Dutch training plan for you, taking into account your personal goals & experiences with regard to learning Dutch during a free training advice session.

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