Going to work abroad / moving to the Netherlands as expats?

  • How to find local information to support your relocation and enjoy living in Amsterdam?
  • English is spoken by most Dutch people, but what about completing Dutch (application) forms?
  • Not here just by yourself? The critical succes factor is a well-settled expat partner & children.
  • As an employer, how to ensure international employees successfully complete their assignments?

Having lived and worked abroad myself, I experienced the trials and tribulations of an international relocation process through real-life. 

Raising a bilingual family in my home country, ensures I understand family requirements and have extensive knowledge of local services & practices in the Amsterdam region.

 Monique den Haan, relocation specialist & founder of Amstel Expats

International employers: work abroad

Moving abroad requires people to totally rebuilt their life. To do so succesfully, they have to show bravery, determination and leadership skills.

Being able to cope with change is recognised as a valuable asset by employers. They are increasingly offering expat jobs to:

  1. acquire specialised knowledge and expertise
  2. enhance their workforce to improve international business and better serve international clients.

How to help international employees thrive in their new jobs? It is important to realise that more personal needs are essential to achieving excellent job performance. MORE…

Expats: living in the Netherlands

Relocating to another country is both exciting and challenging, as there is much to organise in your professional and your personal life, such as:

  1. planning international moving
  2. applying for new jobs in Netherlands
  3. register with immigration, IND Netherlands
  4. searching for Amsterdam housing
  5. finding reliable local service providers.

Bringing over a partner and/or family might cause extra concerns, as you are looking to ensure they settle easily into their new surroundings.

Our support starts with identifying your specific queries and needs. MORE…

Our local network includes: housing agents, utility companies (Gas/Water/Electricity), TV, phone & internet providers, mortgage advisor, notary, short term accommodation, health insurers, banks, tax advisors, car rentals, pet care services, moving companies, international schools, language schools, expat clubs, sports & leisure activities, etcetera.

Our approach is not to take over organising your life in the Netherlands, but to:

  1. ensure you stay in control
  2. settle yourself quickly, and
  3. enjoy living in Amsterdam!

Click here to download our best international survival tips for free!


Amstel Expats relocation support packages reduce risk and stress, shorten the adjustment process and help employees to remain focused on work goals, whilst accompanying family members feel supported and settle quickly. We understand the importance of having a local sparring partner in Amsterdam. Someone who knows how things work in the Netherlands.


Contact us to discuss your needs for relocation assistance. Or call us now on: +31 (0)6 497 68 628!


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