Making life easy for internationals living in the Netherlands

Making life easy for internationals living in the Netherlands!

  • Local support to assist you with your international relocation & settle-in queries
  • Boost Your Dutch language courses to help you get to grips with the local language
  • Local coffee mornings to enable you to practice Dutch, socialise & enjoy your life
  • Advice on local facilities & activities to improve the wellbeing of international residents

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Local Support

“Relocating to another country is exciting & challenging, as there is much to organise.”

You will have to rebuilt your professional and personal life. Bringing over a partner and/or family might cause extra concerns, as you are looking to ensure they settle easily into their new surroundings.

Even after living here for a number of years, you might need some local assistance due to changes in your personal circumstances.

Amstel Expats local support packages are ideally suited to help you with such issues and queries. READ MORE…

Learn Dutch

FREE E-BOOK AVAILABLE “Boost Your Dutch, The Approach: Principles, Examples & Exercises” DOWNLOAD…

“Learning Dutch is fun & using Dutch in practice enriches your local life.”

Unfortunately, many internationals never get round to taking Dutch language lessons and the ones who do often struggle to use Dutch in real life. But now a new method is available to you: Boost Your Dutch!

Boost Your Dutch is specially developed to help internationals overcome the hurdles of getting to grips with the Dutch language. The Boost Your Dutch training programmes are flexible, so you can choose to participate in an intensive language training, e.g. 3 small group sessions, or partake in Dutch classes on a weekly basis.

Give yourself a head start learning Dutch through this innovative new approach. READ MORE…

Expat Wellbeing

“Taking care of internationals in your local community is not a luxury but a necessity for expat wellbeing.”

At Amstel Expats, we care for the wellbeing of internationals and understand their needs might differ from local residents. We also appreciate that internationals are more likely to encounter certain communication and adjustment problems, not only when trying to get to grips with ordinary life, but also in their dealings with local authorities and institutions.

In cooperation with Goos Marketing Research, we have developed the first professional measuring tool for local authorities to determine their level of attractiveness for international residents: the Expat Wellbeing Indicator.

“Having lived and worked in several countries, I experienced the trials and tribulations of the international relocation process myself.”

“Raising a bilingual family in my home country, I appreciate the importance of local communications in order to feel connected.”

 Monique den Haan, founder of Amstel Expats

Call Monique directly on: +31 (0)6 497 68 628 or send your e-mail to: